Sebo BS36 Comfort Vacuum Cleaner Twin Motor Design LED 1300W Motor L Shaped Micro Filter Integrated Hose


  • £37799

SEBO BS36 Comfort is built to last that offers an unrivalled combination of performance, reliability, ease of use and outstanding productivity. - Twin motor design - Integrated hose and wand - LED lights with new compact design head - Electronic brush height guidance system with brush motor protection - Easy bag change - L shaped head for superb edge cleaning - Ergonomic carrying handle - Works when flat - Replaceable brush strips - Optional hospital grade micro filter FEATURES LED lights with new compact design head Suction motor: 1300W max Brush motor: 175W Airflow: 52 l/sec Filterbag: 5.0l, 3-layer Working width: 36cm Weight: 7.9kg Noise: 68dB(A) Cable length: 10m ENERGY RATING: D Hard Floor Dust Pick Up Rating: N/A Carpet Dust Pick Up: B Filtration Dust Re-emission: G

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