Severin JG3519 Yoghurt Maker Chill Fridge Milk Memory Dial Delicious


  • £2336

Severin JG3519 Yogurt Maker with 14 glass jars each 150ml. Make delicious yoghurt in your own home with the SEVERIN Yoghurt maker. Preparation is simple: just combine milk with a yoghurt starter culture (available from supermarkets and health food stores), pour into the glass pots, place into the yoghurt maker and switch on. The mixture is gently heated to the perfect temperature to create beautifully creamy yoghurt. The yoghurt will set after 6-12 hours (depending on milk used and desired thickness). The appliance has a handy indicator to remind you how many hours have elapsed. When ready, chill in the fridge then add your choice of fruits, nuts or jams and enjoy. You can also use Soya or UHT milk. The additional jars included with this model allow you to have one batch in the fridge and a second in the yoghurt maker. Designed in Germany, this SEVERIN product is guaranteed with a 2 year warranty. Output 13 W Capacity / Content with 7 glass jars of 150 ml each on/off switch with pilot light transparent lid with memory dial dishwasher safe Also available in cases of 3

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