Sebo Dart 2 Vacuum Cleaner S-Class Filtration Flex Neck 4-Level Height 1300 WATT Suction Motor


  • £25799

The DART extends the SEBO range, offering professional performance in a lightweight, versatile and easy to manoeuvre machine. The SEBO DART is designed to be agile, user-friendly and to achieve superb cleaning results quickly, easily� and economically. With a 37cm brush width, the DART 2 is ideal for medium sized areas. ENERGY RATING: C Sebo DART vacuum cleaners have been developed to give excellent performance, outstanding reliability and easy maintenance. FEATURES - Twin motor. Separate suction and brush motor - Suction motor 1300 watt - Brush motor 175 watt/200 watt (Dart 1/Dart 2) - "Flex" neck for manoeuvrability - On-board hose - Crevice nozzle - 4-level height adjustment - Auto shut off, if brush jammed - S-CLASS filtration - Can be used for carpet cleaning - A range of accessories available BENEFITS - Award winning reliability - Light and easy to use - Flat to the floor design - Ideal for carpet and hard floors - Weight: DART 2 - 6.9kg - Working width: DART 2 - 37cm ENERGY RATING: C Hard Floor Dust Pick Up Rating: N/A Carpet Dust Pick Up: B Filtration Dust Re-emission: C

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