E-CLOTH Mini Deep Clean Mop Head

E-CLOTH Mini Deep Clean Mop Head


  • £499

E-CLOTH Mini Deep Clean Replacement Mop Head

The ECloth Mini Deep Clean Mop Head is to be used with the E-Cloth Mini Deep Clean Mop. The mop head removes grease, dirt and over 99% of bacteria from all types of hard flooring including laminate, wood, tiles, vinyl and stone, using just water. Its smaller size makes it perfect for smaller rooms, including bathrooms, tiled walls and hard to reach areas. TIP: Mop in an 'S' shape, maintaining the leading edge to prevent dirt being left behind. Wet thoroughly and wring out. Remove, rinse and reattached the head as required. Like you, we think cleaning should be pure and simple. A healthier way to clean, E-Cloth is enough.

Includes: 1 Mini Deep Clean Mop Head Replacement

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