E-CLOTH Home Cleaning Set


  • £2395

E-Cloth Home Cleaning Set

The keys to every home should come with an ECloth Home Cleaning Set. With one purchase, this set equips you to clean and shine every surface in your home, from countertop to stovetop and windows to tile. With masses of microfibers plus water's molecular might, thereÕs no need to add chemical cleaners Ñ or worry about curious kiddos or pets.
Contains 5 cleaning cloths, 2 polishing cloths, and 1 dusting cloth.
This set prepares you to clean and dust nearly any home surface, including countertops, appliances, stainless steel, windows, and tile.
Precision-engineered cleaning microfiber cleaning and polishing cloths remove 99% of bacteria along with grime, smudges, and streaks. Just dampen with water and wipe.
Dusting cloth features extra-long polyester fibers that trap particles and debris.
Rinse cloths between tasks. Launder to refresh.
Guaranteed for 3 years or 300 washes.

1 Window Cloth
2 Glass & Polishing Cloths (Alaskan Blue)
1 Stainless Steel Cloth
1 Kitchen Cloth
1 Bathroom Cloth
1 Range & Stovetop Cloth
1 Dusting Cloth

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