Karcher MV4 Vacuum Cleaner Hose

Karcher MV4 Vacuum Cleaner Hose


  • £1945

Genuine Karcher A1000, A2004, A2024, A2054, A2064, A2101, A2104, A2105, A2200, A2201, A2204, A2224, A2234, A2254, A2500, A2504, A2534, A2554, A2574, A2701, A2801, K2000, K2101, K2501, K2601, VC1800, WD4200, WD4250, WD5200, WD5220, WD5260, WD5300, WD5450, WD5470, WD5500, WD5600, WD5800, MV2, MV3, MV4 complete vacuum cleaner hoover replacement suction hose and handle

  • Complete with hose handle
  • Length: 2.2 metres
  • 32mm

Compares to 9.012-004.0, 90120040,  DN35 x2, 9012004, 9.012.004, 9.012-004.0, 4441067, 4.441.067, 44410670, 4.441-067.0

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