Karcher Window Vac Spray Bottle Set 2.633-129.0

Karcher Window Vac Spray Bottle Set 2.633-129.0


  • £1495

Genuine Karcher WV1, WV2, WV5, WV6,  WV50, WV60, WV70 Window Vac Spray Bottle Set

The new premium spray bottle kit includes: microfibre wiping cloth with hook and loop fastening, adjustable wiper for narrow windows, rough dirt scraper and 20 ml window cleaner concentrate.

The Premium Spray Bottle Kit is the perfect partner for your Karcher Window Vac, Simply spray the mixture of water and specially formulated detergent onto your smooth surface, agitate using the microfibre cloth and use your Karcher window vac for sparkling streak-free results. The package includes an adjustable wiper for cleaning both wide and narrow windows. With the hook-and-loop-fastening system, the microfibre wiping cloth can be easily attached and removed. The 20ml Window Cleaner Concentrate helps to remove stubborn stains such as grease, insects, finger marks and emissions from smooth surfaces. In addition, the dirt scraper can be used to effortlessly remove stubborn dirt from your windows.

Compares to 2.633-114.0, 2.633-129.0, 26331140, 26331290

Please note that 2.633-114.0 is now replaced with a new shape bottle 2.633-129.0 by Karcher.

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