Leifheit 500ml Glass Preserving Jar With Lid

Leifheit 500ml Glass Preserving Jar With Lid


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Leifheit 500ml Glass Preserving Jar With Lid

Leifheit offers something new for making preserves every season. Only Leifheit offers guaranteed succcess with the finger test. If a jar is closed correctly, the lid will be sucked inwards and will not give way when pressed with a finger. You can then be sure that no mould will accumulate. Thanks to the special jar shape, the jar volume is used better than with round jars. Not suitable for fatty food products.

The 500 ml jar is ideal for storing home-made jams, crisp layered salads, smoothies, desserts and cocktails, and can also be used to serve and style your homemade pieces in a decorative way.

Thanks to the large opening, the jars are easy to fill and the contents are easy to extract. It makes the perfect gift, thanks to an air-tight, aluminium lid that ensures the contents stay fresher for longer. The lid is also the ideal to label the contents, or to write a thoughtful message if you are giving them as gifts.

These are particularly special because the jar's subtle tone makes it extremely versatile. The possibilities are endless. Will you use it for sweets, to store nuts, muesli or even have as a lantern or vase? It’s even a great option for storing office supplies. Great for your DIY projects.

In next to no time it can be transformed into a soap dispenser or lamp. The coloured jars are also perfect for preserving, as they can be filled with hot contents (up to 100°C). Moreover, they are dishwasher friendly easy to clean.

  • Extremely versatile, whether as a preserving or storage jar, vase, lantern or decorative piece
  • May be filled with hot contents (up to 100°C), making it ideal for preserving (pasteurisation)
  • UNSUITABLE for use in a saucepan, oven or electrical preserver (sterilisation)
  • Air-tight aluminium lid with labelling option (prevent lid from coming into contact with fatty foods)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Protect the coloured coating by preventing the outside of the jar from coming into contact with pointed, sharp or rough objects
  • Volume: 500 ml

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