Leifheit Air Board Table Compact Tabletop Ironing Board

Leifheit Air Board Table Compact Tabletop Ironing Board


  • £2295

Leifheit Airboard table compact tabletop ironing board

Air Board guarantees the ultimate in ironing convenience in a handy tabletop ironing board: The Air Board Table Compact fits onto any table, has a total height of just 9cm for storing in the tiniest of spaces, and is just as comfortable to use as a big one. The cover features heat reflecting technology, which reflects the heat and steam from the iron, instead of letting it escape through the ironing board. This means that the washing is ironed from top and bottom at the same time, reducing ironing time by a third and producing visibly improved ironing results. The 73 x 30 cm ironing surface is manufactured from a special ultralight plastic; the shoulder-fit feature makes it easier to iron shirts and blouses without creases. Soft feet make the board sit safely and securely, without sliding, even on delicate surfaces. A compact ironing board that is perfect for small amounts of ironing or for use in a caravan, motor home or holiday flat. This ironing board with Thermo-Reflect technology has been specially designed for use with standard irons and steam irons. Leifheit recommends its Air Board Express range of ironing tables for use with steam ironing stations.

  • The lightest tabletop ironing board made from special plastic
  • Heat reflecting cover for double-sided ironing effect
  • Shoulder-fit feature especially for ironing shirts
  • Non-slip, soft feet
  • Suitable for irons and steam irons
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Surface of 73 x 30 cm

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