Leifheit Classic S Basic Ironing Board Small


  • £3995

Leifheit Classic S Basic Ironing Board

The optimal ironing board for small pressers and small households.

The Classic S Basic ironing table is the entry level model in the Leifheit Ironing Board Range.

If you only iron a little and don't have much space at home, the Classic S Basic ironing board from Leifheit is the right choice.

To ensure that the iron can be safely parked during work, the Leifheit ironing table is equipped with a metal shelf. Of course, the ironing board of Leifheit is also height adjustable up to 98 cm. This allows everyone to set their own optimal working height. With its ironing area from 110 to 30 cm, the Classic S Basic ironing table offers enough space for ironing the laundry and can then be stored in a space saving way Ð ideal for small working presses and small households.
The small ironing table is the perfect solution for small households and small irons
Safe space for putting the iron on the metal fixed shelf
Height adjustable up to 98 cm for back gentle work
Space saving lyant thanks to compact base
Ironing board with an ironing surface from 110 to 30 cm
Cover consisting of 70% cotton and 30% polyurethane

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