Leifheit Clean Twist Disc Ergo Mop and Bucket Set


  • £4295

Leifheit Ergo Clean Twist Disc mop and bucket set

If you are looking for a complete solution for wiping the floors, you can buy the CLEAN TWIST Disc Mop Ergo from Leifheit. Because this set contains everything you need for cleaning: the Micro Duo mop head, the telescopic handle with drill mechanism and the bucket with sling shot. It is particularly practical that thanks to the wiping set no annoying bending or contact of the hands with the dirty water is necessary anymore.
With patented drill-handle mechanism to be able to whirl the mop in a standing state
Bucket with spinning system allows convenient cleaning of the mop without contact with the water
Wiper Mop Set CLEAN TWIST Disc Mop Ergo consisting of telescopic handle, bucket with slingshot sieve and wipe mop micro duo
Individual moisture dosing thanks to the slingshot stop function
Flat angled 360¡ gimbal to wipe in snake lines and in hard-to-reach places
Length-adjustable telescopic handle for back-gentle work
Micro Duo mop head is ideal for all types of flooring
With comfortable carrying handle and handle holder for easy transport
Handle trough and wide handle opening with spout for clean emptying of the bucket
Optimized ball bearing position for calmer spinning

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