Leifheit Clean Twist Ergo Mobile Disc Mop Set


  • £5495

Leifheit Clean Twist Ergo Mobile Disc Mop Set

The Leifheit mop set has a patented drill handle mechanism with which the wiper can be thrown out while standing. This can guarantee a convenient cleaning of the pug while standing and without contact with the dirty water. The mop set consists of a telescopic handle, a bucket with centrifugal strainer, trolley and a mop Micro Duo!

Perfect for those who are looking for a complete wiping system with which they can start cleaning the floors directly: At Leifheit, you can buy the CLEAN TWIST Disc Mop Ergo Mobile mop set, which contains everything you need to clean. From the telescopic handle, to the mop Micro Duo, to the bucket with centrifugal sieve and trolley. It is particularly practical that no more bending over or contact of the hands with the water is necessary to wash out the floor wiper. Because the handle from the Wipe set of Leifheit is equipped with the drill mechanism to be able to wash the mop while standing without much effort with the help of the bucket with slingshot system. The ball bearing position has been optimized for quiet spin. In order to be able to dose the moisture in the mop head individually, the floor wiper is also equipped with the practical spin-stop function. Since the telescopic handle is adjustable in height, everyone can work at the optimal height for them. The 360¡ universal joint can be angled flat and cleans easily in snake lines. The Micro Duo mop removes dirt on all floor types. The bucket of the CLEAN TWIST Disc Mop Ergo Mobile mop set also convinces with its functionality. Because it has a carrying handle and a handle holder that facilitates transport. In addition, there is a recessed handle and a wide handle opening with pouring snout on it to be able to empty the cleaning bucket cleanly. The set also includes a trolley with 360¡ wheels, which ensure convenient transport during wiping.
With patented drill handle mechanism for ejection while standing
Bucket with spin system for comfortable cleaning without hands in dirty water
Mop set CLEAN TWIST Disc Mop Ergo Mobile consisting of bucket with centrifugal strainer, trolley, mop Micro Duo and telescopic handle
With practical spin-stop function to dose the moisture individually in relation
Wiping in snake lines and in hard-to-reach places possible thanks to the flat-angle 360¡ universal joint
Back-friendly work with the height-adjustable telescopic handle
Mop Micro Duo is suitable for thorough cleaning of all floor types
With comfortable carrying handle and style holder for easy transport and compact storage
Handle recess and wide handle opening with pouring coff groove to empty the bucket quickly and cleanly
Optimized ball bearing position allows quiet spin
Trolley with 360¡ wheels for convenient transport

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