Leifheit Clean Twist XL Super Soft Mop Wiper Cover Pad


  • £1495

Leifheit Clean Twist XL Super Soft Mop Wiper Pad

This is the Leifheit accessory head for damp sensitive wood floors. It is an ideal cleaning product to use on extra sensitive floors like wood, cork and parquet. Its fine micro fibre material is the best for cleaning real wood floors and does not hold excessive moisture, which can sometimes damage such floors.

The micro fibres lift the dirt and hold it inside the mop head, protecting your floors from scratches and marks, releasing the dirt only when rinsed off in a bucket of your preferred cleaning solution and water. The wiper cover is washable at 60c and does not lose its cleaning power even after repeated washings.

Guaranteed for 3 years. This product is supplied by Leifheit, a major European brand of well-designed quality household products.
Accessory, specialist mop head for damp sensitive floors 42cm
Ideal for all delicate floors - such as wooden and parquet
Washable at 60¡C
Made from micro fibres
Fits Leifheit CleanTwist System XL

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