Leifheit Click System Bath Tile Washer Head

Leifheit Click System Bath Tile Washer Head


  • £999

Leifheit Click System Bath Tile Washer Head

Easy cleaning of tiles, shower cubicles and the like with the Bath Cleaner bath wiper.

Stretch over the bath or shower tray and bend down to the farthest corner of the bathroom - this becomes superfluous with the Bath Cleaner bath wiper! The practical shower wiper has a large wiping area of 20 cm wide and is so flexible thanks to the 360¡ joint that it easily reaches into all corners and angles of the bathroom. Tile and glass surfaces can be cleaned in no time. The round recess in the wiper makes it glide perfectly around round fittings or edges. The shower cubicle puller reaches even the deepest joints and bumps with the fine microfiber bristles. The slightly elevated bristles of the bath wiper cover extend into all spaces: This makes it easy to remove even the finest residue dirt, such as soap residue or lime, - and without unnecessary effort. If you buy the Bath Cleaner bath wiper from Leifheit, you will not only receive a practical bathroom cleaning helper, but also a puller for shower and the like: Simply turn the helper over and make glass and tiles shine with the white peeling lip. The light silicone lip of the shower puller is perfect for light tiles because it leaves no annoying rubber traces. With just a few moves, the walls are drop-free and cleaning is done.

* Round recess in the wiper: Perfect for cleaning around fittings
* White peeling lip, which is particularly suitable for peeling off light tiles in the bathroom
* 360 Degree swivel joint for flexible cleaning in hard-to-reach places
* The microfiber cover of the bath wiper consists of rows of the finest, slightly raised bristles extends into the low-lying joints. They also remove stubborn dirt such as lime and soap residue without exertion
* Wipe width: 20 cm
* Wipe cover is made of 87% polyester and 13% polyamide

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