Leifheit Click System Dusting Brush


  • £965

Leifheit Click System Dusting Brush

The Leifheit dust broom can be used with all Click-System handles of Leifheit. In addition, the dust broom has a special shape with a round opening, so that you can clean even behind the curtain rods!

Perfect for bringing cobwebs, dust and dirt out of every angle: the Dusty dust broom from Leifheit. Because if you buy this practical helper, you can easily remove impurities even from angled corners thanks to its special triangle shape. Thanks to its design, the triangular broom can also clean thoroughly behind curtain rods. To reach high places effortlessly, a long telescopic handle can simply be attached to the compact broom. Because it is equipped with the Leifheit Click system and thus compatible with all Click system handles. Particularly practical is that the Dusty dust broom can be cleaned quickly and completely uncomplicated. Simply rinse under running water, let it dry and you're done.
Get dirt from every corner thanks to its triangle shape
Special shape with round opening to be able to clean even behind curtain rods
Can be used with all Click system handles of Leifheit
Easy and quick cleaning of the dust broom Dusty under running water

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