Leifheit Click System Organiser


  • £1495

Leifheit Click System Organiser

The Leifheit Arrangement Center offers space for two Click-System handles, whose functional parts can be easily attached to the brackets. In addition, cloths or products with cord hangers can be attached to the three hooks!

If you are looking for a space-saving storage option for Leifheit Click-System products, you can buy the Click-System Organiser. Because this is a wall mount on which cleaning devices can be stored cleanly. There are three function parts holders on the device holder, on which functional parts can be easily attached. In addition, the order center also serves as a handle holder. Up to two stiffness handles can be hung together with the functional parts. Wipe covers with bags can also be accommodated on the wall bracket for cleaning utensils - perfect for Profi XL or Classic XL covers. A small parts holder is also integrated on the wall mount for cleaning equipment. This is suitable for inserting up to three wipes, wipe covers, wipe pads or mop heads. In addition, there are three hooks on the Click system control center for hanging cloths or other products with cord hangers. In order for the wall mount for cleaning devices to be mounted directly, the mounting set is already included in the scope of delivery.

* Space-saving storage of Click-System products on the wall bracket
* Functional parts can be plugged into the three brackets
* Easy hanging of up to two handles with functional parts in the two handle holders
* Central hanging solution for wipe covers with bags such as the Classic XL or Profi XL covers
* Up to three wipes, wipe covers, mop heads or wiper pads can be easily inserted into the integrated small parts holder
* Attaching cloths or products with cord hangers to the three hooks
* Including practical mounting set

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