Leifheit Clothes Peg Bag


  • £999

Leifheit Clothes Peg Bag

The Leifheit clothespin bag not only has a water-permeable bottom, but also a large filling volume and offers space for up to 100 brackets. The clothespin bag can easily be attached to the clothes line with its sturdy snap hook!

If you buy the clothespin bag in the Leifheit online shop, you can store your clamps cleanly and always have them directly at hand. Because there is a snap hook on the bag with which it can be easily attached to the clothesline. So the clamps are always ready when hanging the laundry. Since the staple bag is made of high-quality, tightly woven fabric, the clothespins are protected from environmental influences such as rain and corrosion. The bottom is permeable to water, so that no water can be in the bag. The clothespin bag is quickly and easily closed via a drawstring. This is how it protects its contents from dust and dirt. With its particularly large filling volume, it offers space for up to 100 pegs.

* Tight-meshed woven fabric protects against environmental influences and corrosion
* Water-permeable bottom prevents water from standing in the bag
* Clothespin bag with a large filling volume can accommodate up to 100 pegs
* With sturdy snap hook for attachment to the clothesline
* Easy sealing of the bag over the drawstring

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