Leifheit Digital Roasting Thermometer


  • £2295

Leifheit Digital Roasting Thermometer

The Leifheit roast thermometer has a timer function and an acoustic temperature alarm, which means that nothing stands in the way of accurate food preparation. In addition, the thermometer can also be used at temperatures up to 380 ¡C thanks to its extra heat-resistant measuring cable!

Whether for grilling, frying or cooking - if you order the digital roast thermometer from Leifheit, you can use it to determine the core temperature and prepare your meat to the point. Because it has a timer function and an acoustic temperature alarm. This allows the cooking time to be optimally determined. Of course, an individual temperature specification is possible. Thus, the thermometer can be used for various dishes. Since the measuring cable is heat-resistant up to 380 C, it is also ideal as a grill thermometer. The sensor touch display is easy and intuitive to use. Depending on individual taste, the digital roast thermometer has five preset cooking levels for seven different types of meat. In order to easily attach the meat thermometer to the oven or grill, it is equipped with magnetic pins on the back. A folding stand on the back of the device also makes it possible to place the oven thermometer on the stove or work surface in the kitchen. If you buy it, you can of course use it directly, because the batteries are already included in the scope of delivery.

* Extra heat-resistant measuring cable (up to 380 C) also suitable for grilling
* Sensor touch display is simple and intuitive to use
* Five preset cooking stages for seven types of meat for cooked to the point
* Wide range of applications thanks to individual temperature specifications
* Digital roast thermometer achieves perfect cooking time thanks to timer function and acoustic temperature alarm
* Can be easily attached to the oven/grill using the magnetic pins on the back
* Folding stand on the back of the thermometer allows installation on the stove or work surface
* Ready for use directly, as batteries are included

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