Leifheit Ironing Glove


  • £895

Leifheit Ironing Glove

The Leifheit ironing glove is not only a perfect, but also a quick help for ironing sleeves, collars, bags or ties. The glove is made of 73% polyester and 27% polyurethane!

Sleeves, collars, pockets, ties and the like are often difficult to iron with the iron. But with the ironing glove that can be bought from Leifheit, this is a thing of the past. Because this makes it easier to iron such places. It is simply put over the hand and pushed under the area to be ironed - and it is already freed from wrinkles in no time. The ironing glove consists of a heat-repellent surface. This prevents burns on the hand. In addition, the ironing aid is made of a metalizing material. This ensures that the garment is ironed simultaneously on both sides. This way, this homework is faster. The ironing glove has a size of 24 cm to 15 cm.

* Fast ironing of sleeves, ties, collars and Co.
* With metallized, heat-repellent surface
* Size: 24 cm to 15 cm

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