Leifheit Linomatic Plus 600 60m Rotary Dryer


  • £15400

Leifheit Linomatic 600 Plus rotary dryer

The Leifheit laundry rotary dryer can not only be opened and closed easily thanks to the handle on the support arm, but is also height-adjustable in 10 steps. The laundry dryer has an automatic line feeder to keep the lines clean at all times and also offers space for up to six washing machine loads!

If you buy the Linomatic 600 Plus laundry rotary dryer, you can hang your laundry particularly comfortably thanks to sophisticated technology. This is because it is equipped with a 10-stage height adjustment, which ranges from 1.09 m to 1.75 m. This allows it to be optimally adjusted to the individual working height. In addition, the linen umbrella from Leifheit can be easily opened or closed via a handle on the support arm Ð without bending or a lot of effort. In addition to the easy handling, the automatic line feeder is particularly practical. Thanks to it, the lines lie in the closed state in the support arms and remain clean. The clamping technology ensures that the lines are tight at all times and do not hang through. The laundry dryer is especially suitable for those who have a lot of laundry. This is because it comes with a line length of 60 m, which is sufficient for up to six washing machine loads. The maximum line length is 2.20 m Ð perfect for large pieces of laundry such as bed clothes or blankets. Shirts, blouses and the like can be hung with a hanger on one of the eight hooks. The product includes not only the Linomatic 600 Plus rotary dryer itself, but also a floor sleeve to concrete it in.
Clean linen thanks to the automatic line feeder
Handle on the support arm allows easy opening and closing
10-stage height adjustment to set optimal working height
Post-tensioning technology ensures tight lines at all times
Eight hooks for hangers make gentle drying of shirts and blouses possible
Washing line length of 60 m rich for up to six washing machine fillings
Maximum line length is 2.20 m, making it perfect for large pieces of laundry
With floor sleeve for concreting
Made in Germany

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