Leifheit Mason Jar Screw Rings 8.4cm Pack 12

Leifheit Mason Jar Screw Rings 8.4cm Pack 12


  • £995

Leifheit Replacement screw top lids for Mason preserving and pickling jars

The screw rings are spare parts for mason jars from Leifheit. The contents consist of twelve screw rings, with which the insertion is definitely successful!

The old lids for the mason jars of Leifheit have run out and new ones have to be made? No problem -  The screw rings fit perfectly on the mason jars of Leifheit and ensure that the contents in the glasses are closed. Together with the separately available aluminium lid, they offer the gelguarantee.

With the help of the finger test, it can be determined in no time whether the mason jars are closed properly. If this is the case, the lid pulls inwards due to the resulting vacuum. This simple test prevents mold from forming.

The screw rings for jam jars from Leifheit are available in a practical set of 12.

  • Screw rings for mason jars of leifheit, which together with the aluminium lid close the glasses airtight
  • 12 pieces

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