Leifheit Nutmeg Grater

Leifheit Nutmeg Grater


  • £1099

Leifheit Nutmeg Grater

The Leifheit nutmeg grater not only has an extra hardened, stainless steel friction surface, but also a storage and freshness container. In addition, the grater is dishwasher safe, so it can be easily cleaned!

Nutmeg can be used to refine many dishes in the kitchen. The aroma is best when the spice is freshly ground. That's why Leifheit offers the nutmeg grater from the ComfortLine series, which is equipped with extra hardened, rosy stainless steel cutting edges. In this way, the finest grinding results can be achieved with the nutmeg grater. A practical storage and freshness container is also included in the scope of delivery. This catches the spice during rubbing and can also be used to store the nutmeg. Since the grater is dishwasher safe, it quickly and easily becomes clean again.

* Finest grinding results thanks to the extra hardened, stainless steel cutting edges
* With storage and freshness container
* Dishwasher-safe nutmeg grater from the ComfortLine

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