Leifheit Parat Wall Mounted Kitchen Roll Holder

Leifheit Parat Wall Mounted Kitchen Roll Holder


  • £1745

Leifheit Parat Wall Mounted Kitchen Roll Holder

The Leifheit wall roll holder allows the storage of up to 3 rolls: aluminum foil, kitchen roll and cling film for each roll there is a place. In addition, the holder allows clean and precise separation of the foils with knife-sharp blades!

Kitchen roll, aluminum and cling foils simply need too much space in the kitchen? The Leifheit wall roller holder Parat provides a remedy. It can accommodate up to three rolls in conventional film width. The housing is easily removable and can be equipped with transparent foil and paper towels in minutes. Thanks to the simple wall mounting, the wall arrangement system is ready for use immediately after purchase. Pull, cut, done: The knife-sharp blades of the cutting elements separate foils with just one pull. And all this without disturbing wrinkles or cracks. If you buy this Leifheit kitchen accessory, you benefit from easy handling with maximum protection. The ergonomically shaped blades have internal blades, so that injuries can be ruled out from the outset. The comparison with conventional wall roll holders proves: The Leifheit model impresses with its intelligent system. Thus, a piece of the foil sticks out of the bracket after cutting off. Annoying and time-consuming fumbling out of the ends from the wall roll holder for the kitchen is prevented from the outset.

  • Possibility of space-saving and practical storage of 3 rolls such as aluminum and cling film and kitchen roll in just one device
  • Clean and precise separation of the foils thanks to the knife-sharp blades
  • Injury-proof work: The blades are hidden behind ergonomically shaped cutting sliders
  • No annoying fumbling, as the roller ends stick out of the wall roller holder after cutting and are therefore always at hand
  • Easy wall mounting so that the roller holder is quickly ready for use
  • Easy assembly with the rollers, as the housing is removable
  • Suitable for all commercially available roll dimensions

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