Leifheit Pegasus Tower 200 Deluxe Clothes Dryer


  • £4795

Leifheit Pegasus Tower 200 Deluxe Stainless Steel Clothes Airer Dryer

All one need for drying: the Pegasus Tower 200 Deluxe has it all. It offers much drying space on the smallest base and the whole Leifheit drying accessories. With its base of 66 x 61cm on the tower dryer Pegasus Tower 200 Deluxe fits every shower cabin and narrow balcony.

Its three drying levels lie one on top of the other and offer amazing 20 metres drying length for two loads of laundry. As a particular extra the Pegasus Tower 200 Deluxe is equipped with the complete Leifheit drying accessories: two practical holders for small items where 30 socks or other small items can be hanged to dry.

Also include five wind proof hangers. They click home in a special carving in the drying bar and remain there even while a gust of wind. The Leifheit soft drying mesh can be stretched over the drying bars to dry delicate laundry items in a lying position without shaping from pressure. The laundry pin bag can simply be put on the drying bars for the quick grab of the laundry pins at any time.

The tower dryer Pegasus Tower 200 Deluxe is the ideal tower dryer for families with little children who like to use the whole Leifheit drying comfort. It is sturdy, steady and rust proof. After its use the Pegasus Tower 200 Deluxe can be folded flat, it can be put away in space between cupboard and wall. Its height is 1.5 metres.
Three drying levels with a drying length of 20 m
Fits in every shower
With 2 holders for small items, 5 wind-proof coat hangers, soft drying mesh and laundry pin bag
Foldable middle level
Sturdy, steady and rust proof
5-year guarantee
Dimensions H 150 x W 66 x D 61cm

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