Leifheit Picabello Small Microfibre Duo Mop Set


  • £1999

Leifheit Picabello Small Microfibre Duo Mop Set

The Leifheit floor wiper has a practical squeeze mechanism with which pressing the wiper cover works without bending over. The two-fiber system of the microfiber wiper pad removes protection from every joint. In addition, the cover is washable at 30¡C and has a width of 27 cm!

Annoying bending over for pressing out the wiper cover is passŽ with the Picobello S micro duo floor wiper. Because if you buy the wiper from Leifheit, you can squeeze it comfortably while standing. For this purpose, there is the practical squeeze mechanism on the handle, which also prevents the hands from coming into contact with the dirty water. Basically, the floor wiper from Leifheit with the microfiber wiper pad micro duo is suitable for all surfaces such as tiles, stone floors or laminate. The 2-fibre system ensures optimal dirt removal and absorption. After cleaning the floors, the pad may of course be placed in the washing machine at 30 ¡C. So it becomes hygienically clean again in no time. In order to be able to remove it easily and as often as desired, the product is provided with a Velcro fastener. In addition, other matching wiper covers for the Picobello S micro duo floor wiper are available as accessories. So there is certainly something suitable for everyone.
Easy pressing of the wiper cover without bending over or hands in dirty water thanks to practical mechanism on the handle
2-Faster system of the microfiber wiper pad removes and easily absorbs dirt on all floors
Wipe pad with Velcro easy and as often as desired removable
Further wiper covers sold separately as accessories
Machine washable at 30 ¡C
Floor wipers with a wiping width of 27 cm
Wipe cover is made of 75% polyester and 25% polyamide

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