Leifheit Picabello Medium Telescopic Handled Floor Mop


  • £2495

Leifheit Picabello Medium Telescopic Handled Floor Mop

Piccolo is the small comfortable floor wiper with great effect. The handle has a smooth operating press mechanism, which enables the pressure of the wiper almost without effort, bending down or getting your hands in the dirty water.

Piccolo is equipped with the micro fibre wiper pad micro duo. Due to its 2-fibre-system the wiper pad removes dirt from all floors. The fibres are branched and remove even grease and finest dirt out of the smallest uneven surfaces.

Wiper pad extra soft is available as an accessory and is suitable for particular moisture-sensitive floors; wiper pad cotton plus with cotton content is ideal for tiles and stone floors and for the removing of coarse dirt. The wiper pad is fixed on the wiper with a hook-and-loop fastener. It can be removed as needed and is washable at 30¡C.
Smoothly operating press mechanism of the handle
Removable wiper cloth micro duo suitable for all floors
Wiping width is 33 cm
3 year guarantee
Dimentions 104.9 x 34 x 5.1 cm

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