Leifheit Profi XL Micro Duo Mop with Steel Telescopic Handle


  • £3999

Leifheit Profi XL Micro Duo Mop with Steel Telescopic Handle

The Profi XL Telescope is the perfect floor wiper for back-friendly cleaning of large areas. The micro duo wiper cover of the Profi XL also removes stubborn dirt and the extendable handle can be adjusted to any working height.

With the Leifheit Wiper, cleaning the floor becomes child's play. Because it has an extendable telescopic handle that can be adjusted to the ideal working height. In addition, the 42 cm wide wiper cover can be easily detached by clicking on the foot. This eliminates annoying bending over. If you buy the Profi XL micro duo Telescope floor wiper from Leifheit, you can thoroughly clean tiles and stone floors in no time. Because the 2-fiber wiper cover consists of microfibers and slightly raised bristles. This makes him particularly clean. Since this is an all-round wiper cover, it cleans corners and skirting boards directly in one step. Thanks to the flat angleable joint, the floor wiper of Leifheit reaches even hard-to-reach places. The 360¡ swivel joint ensures cleaning in snake lines. In order to be able to squeeze the floor wiper comfortably without your hands in dirty water, the Profi XL wiper press from Leifheit is sold separately. The telescopic handle can also be combined with other Leifheit Click-System products via the Click connection.
For thorough cleaning of stone floors and tiles
Telescopic handle extendable (80 cm to 135 cm) for back-friendly work
Loosening the wiper cover without bending over possible with foot click
2-fibre microfiber wiper cover and slightly raised bristles for deep pore cleaning
Cleaning in snake lines possible thanks to the 360¡ swivel joint
Floor wipers reach even hard-to-reach places with the flat angleable joint
All-round wipe cover for cleaning skirting boards, floor and corners in one step
Handle can be combined with other Leifheit Click-System products
Wipe cloth press Profi XL for easier pressing of the cover sold separately
Wipers with a width of 42 cm
Wipe cover is made of 75% polyester and 25% polyamide

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