Leifheit Profi XL Micro Fibre Mop with Steel Telescopic Handle

Leifheit Profi XL Micro Fibre Mop with Steel Telescopic Handle


  • £2995

Leifheit Profi XL Micro Fibre Mop with Steel Handle, 42cm Large Flat Floor Mop Head, 360¡ Universal Joint for Easy Steering

Remove stubborn dirt and stains effortlessly and in record time with the Profi Floor Washer from Leifheit. The household mop is fitted with a micro fibre cover with a width of 42 cm. It allows you to remove dirt and grime quickly and with minimum effort. The 360__¡ rotating head of the cleaning broom allows it to easily bypass all obstacles such as the legs of tables or chairs. Thanks to this, getting under furniture and into every corner of the house is a breeze. The mop is suitable for all types of floors and is easy to clean. After use, the cover can be removed by simply pressing the release button with your foot and you can simply throw the mop head in the washing machine and wash at 60 degrees C. The cleaning broom is compatible with the Leifheit bucket with wringer (sold separately).

Wide reach cleaning - This extra wide flat mop has a 42cm wide head designed to make cleaning large areas quicker without compromising on effectiveness
Microfibre effectiveness- Microfibre mop heads ensure effective wet cleaning by lifting the dirt and grime from the floor and trapping it between the fibres
Easy steering- The swivel joint from Leifheit allows for a very high degree of flexibility so a figure of eight cleaning pattern can be used for maximum effectiveness
Washable and reusable- After use, the micro fibre cloth flat mop head can simply be detached and thrown in the washing machine meaning it can be used again and again
Product details- Leifheit Profi extra-large microfibre mop with universal swivel joint and steel mop handle
Suitable for all types of floors
Micro fibre cover
360¡ rotating head
42 cm cleaning surface