Leifheit Profi XL Mobile Mop Press Bucket


  • £5995

Leifheit Press Profi XL Mop Bucket

The ideal solution for cleaning large surfaces quickly. The Wiping Cloth Press consists of a compact 8 litre capacity bucket and a press attachment, which can be easily and comfortably operated by foot.

The mop cover is removed from the handle using the foot control and placed in the press. The press is then operated by pressing it with your foot. Simple.

The mop cover is easily dried, it seems like it's been wrung out by hand and without the discomfort of having to put your hands in dirty water. The press attachment is fitting with a practical handle so the bucket can be easily transported during cleaning.

The Profi Floor Mop is the perfect companion to the Wiping Cloth Press Profi, having a cleaning area of 42 cm, a 360¡ swivel joint and foot control.
Great for thoroughly cleaning tiled and stone floors
Water is easily drained from the wiper cover by pressing the pedal
Includes integrated rollers for easy transport
Capacity: 8 litre
3-year guarantee

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