Leifheit Proline BBQ Kitchen Tongs 41cm


  • £1395

Leifheit Proline BBQ Kitchen Tongs 41cm

The Leifheit kitchen and grill tongs must not be missing in any household. Operation is enormously facilitated by a novel locking mechanism. In addition, it has a sturdy stainless steel handle, which makes it particularly comfortable to hold!

Open and close with just one click - if you buy the kitchen tongs with 41 cm length from Leifheit, you benefit from the new locking mechanism, which makes operation enormously easier. With its sturdy stainless steel handle, the kitchen helper fits particularly well in the hand. In addition, there is an eyelet on the stem of the pliers, which makes it possible to hang them up in a space-saving and handy way. The end of the kitchen and grill tongs with a length of 41 cm is made of an elastic material that is heat resistant to 160¡C. This prevents sensitive pans from being damaged with the grill accessories. Since heat of the tongs cannot harm anything, it can also be used to easily turn grilled food.

Open and close the pliers with just one click thanks to the new locking mechanism
Elastic nylon pliers end, which is heat-resistant up to 160C, protects sensitive pans from scratches and Co.
Robust and stable stainless steel handle
Can be hung on the stem in a space-saving manner thanks to the eyelet
Length of barbecue and kitchen tongs: 41 cm

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