Leifheit Proline Combi Egg Slicer Cutter


  • £1095

Leifheit Proline Combi Egg Slicer Cutter

Visually appealing sideboards with the stainless steel egg cutter

The Leifheit egg cutter not only cuts round and oval slices, it also cuts gaps. Due to its stable stainless steel wires, it cuts cleanly and accurately and also consists of a high-quality stainless steel housing!

Whether splitting, round or oval slices - no problem with the egg cutter from Leifheit. Because this is a device with three different functions. The egg divider is made of sturdy, stainless steel wires and is particularly durable. If you buy the practical kitchen helper, you can not only cut eggs evenly with it, but also soft fruits and vegetables, for example kiwifruit, mushrooms or jacket potatoes. The high-quality egg cutter from Leifheit consists of a solid stainless steel housing. It lies comfortably in the hand and with its noble design is a beautiful eye-catcher in the kitchen.

* One device, three functions: Cuts gaps, round and oval discs
* Durable egg cutter with stainless, stable stainless steel wires
* Splits eggs, jacket potatoes, kiwifruit and Co. evenly
* Egg divider made of high-quality, solid stainless steel housing

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