Leifheit Proline Flambe Burner


  • £2099

Leifheit Proline Flambe Burner

The Leifheit flambe burner not only burns through the sugar of desserts and cakes, but also ensures aromatization of meat. With its comfortable operation and piezo ignition, which guarantees the necessary safety, it is something very special and should not be missing in any kitchen!

If you order the Flambierer from Leifheit, you can refine your food with his flame. Whether for caramelizing sugar on desserts or Cake or for flavoring meat - the flambe burner is the ideal choice. Because this can be operated comfortably. It is equipped with a piezo ignition that guarantees the necessary safety. If the gas of the kitchen flambe has been used up, the device can be easily replenished by Leifheit. All you need is conventional butane gas, as is also used in lighters. This only needs to be placed in the corresponding opening of the kitchen burner - and it is ready to flambe again.

* Ideal for caramelizing sugar on desserts
* Flambe burner for flavoring meat
* Piezo ignition enables comfortable, safe operation
* Refillable with conventional butane gas (lighter gas)

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