Leifheit Proline Hob Scraper


  • £1395

Leifheit Proline Hob Scraper

The Leifheit hob scraper not only has three blades that are stored in the head of the kitchen helper, but also has a blade guard to prevent injuries and scratching of objects!

Annoying incrustations on the stove? No problem with the practical ceramic field scraper from Leifheit. Because he easily removes even stubborn dirt. Annoying, time-consuming scrubbing is therefore over - because even burnt-in can be solved in no time with the hob scraper of stiffness. Three blades are included. The replacement blades are stored in the head of the scraper for ceramic fields and the like. So they are always at hand. To protect these, the ceramic field scratcher is equipped with a blade guard. By loosening and tightening the adjusting screw, the blade can be covered or exposed. Thus, the hob scraper is injury-proof and does not scratch any other objects when stored in the drawer. The blades can be easily replaced without tools, because the upper headboard can be unscrewed by hand. Once the hob has been cleaned, the scraper can also be easily cleaned again. Because it only needs to be wiped with a damp cloth. Thanks to the high-quality design and the hanging eye, the Leifheit hob scraper can also be stored on a hook strip.

* Ceramic field scraper with three blades; replacement blades are stored in the head of the kitchen helper
* Blade protection makes hob scrapers injury-proof and prevents other objects from scratching
* Easy and tool-free replacement of blades
* High-quality design and suspension eye allow storage on a hook strip
* Simply wipe with a moistened cloth to clean

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