Leifheit Proline Speed Quirl Whisk

Leifheit Proline Speed Quirl Whisk


  • £1395

Leifheit Proline Speed Quirl Whisk

The Leifheit whisk has specially twisted wires, which makes whipping sauces, stirring creams until foamy and foaming milk even faster!

Stir twice as fast as with a conventional whisk? No problem: If you order the Speed Quirl M whisk from Leifheit, you can whip up cream or egg snow in no time. Because this is equipped with specially twisted wires that increase the stirring resistance and thus save enormous time. In addition, this innovative kitchen aid requires less effort to stir frothy. The high-quality handle of the Speed Quirl M whisk is made of stainless steel, is robust and fits particularly well in the hand. With the help of a suspension eye, the whisk can be attached to a hook strip.

* Specially twisted wires increase the stirring resistance
* Mix twice as fast and with half as much effort as with a conventional whisk
* High-quality stainless steel handle lies comfortably in the hand
* With hanging eyelet

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