Leifheit Regulus Supra Floor Sweeper


  • £2695

Leifheit Regulus Supra Floor Sweeper

Thanks to its mechanical drive, the Leifheit Kehrer not only works completely without electricity, it is also versatile on smooth floors and carpets!

The sweeper from Leifheit works completely without electricity and is ideal for quick cleaning in between. Because if you order the Regulus Supra sweeper, you can reliably remove dirt in no time with the mechanical drive. It is particularly practical that the device is versatile - whether on smooth floors or carpets. With its flexible joint, the stiffness Bodenkehrer easily circles table and chair legs. In addition, the handle can be angled flat so that it can be easily cleaned even under hard-to-reach places. Thanks to its practical shape, the Regulus Supra sweeper returns to the skirting board. With the sweeping width of 26 cm, even large areas are clean again in no time.

* Sweeper with mechanical drive ideal for quick cleaning in between
* Versatile use on smooth floors and carpets
* Circles chair and table legs effortlessly thanks to the flexible joint
* Flat angled so that you can also sweep under cabinets and beds
* Returns to the skirting board thanks to its practical shape
* Sweeping width of 26 cm