Leifheit Rollfix 210 Longline Wall Mounted Airer Dryer


  • £2999

Leifheit Rollfix 210 Longline Wall Mounted Airer Dryer

Particularly space-saving hanging of the laundry - with the wall clothes airer Rollfix 210 Longline

The Leifheit wall clothes airer is a space-saving, extendable wall dryer for balcony, bathroom and Co. The wall clothes airer offers five tear-resistant polyester lines, which offer plenty of space to dry the laundry!

With the space-saving Rollfix 210 Longline wall clothes airer, you always have five clotheslines at hand at the same time. The Leifheit clothes airer is ideal for small rooms such as the bathroom or the balcony. With just one hand, the maximum drying capacity can be created for small rooms: The five tear-resistant polyester clotheslines can be extended up to a length of 4.20 meters. This creates a lot of space for hanging every piece of laundry item. The wet parts can be hung up quickly on a total dry length of 21 m. The lines can be continuously locked in the desired length. In this way, they adapt to any spatial situation with just one step. The two supplied hooks are mounted directly on the opposite wall. The practical automatic retractor ensures that the lines absorb directly into the housing after loosening. As a result, they take up no space and are always neatly stored. Even heavy laundry items such as bed sheets can be hung wrinkle-free on the tumble dryer for the wall. The efficient automatic retensioning automatically tightens the lines again and again so that nothing sags.
Extendable wall tumble dryer for bathroom or balcony as a space-saving solution for drying the laundry
Five tear-resistant polyester lines, which can be extended up to a length of 4.20 m, offer plenty of space to dry the laundry
Stepless locking by two hooks on the opposite wall, which adapt perfectly to the respective spatial conditions
With automatic retractor, so that the lines simply retract themselves after loosening the hooks and disappear into the housing
The automatic retensioning system ensures that the lines of the wall tumble dryer are always firmly tensioned. They do not sag even when placing sheets
21 m dry length can accommodate up to 2 washing machine loads
Directly mountable by the supplied fastening material

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