Leifheit Rotary Dryer EVO Protective Cover

Leifheit Rotary Dryer EVO Protective Cover


  • £2299

Leifheit Rotary Dryer EVO Protective Cover protects the laundry dryer from wind and weather.

The Leifheit protective cover is not only equipped with a practical zipper, but is also particularly durable and weatherproof. The protective cover not only protects the laundry dryer from wind and weather, but also from dirt!

Sun, rain, snow and the like can no longer harm the laundry dryer with the protective cover because if you buy it, you can simply pull it over the laundry umbrella to protect them. This way, the linen and laundry remain clean. The case is suitable for all line dryers from Leifheit – except the LinoProtect 400. It is particularly practical that it is equipped with a zipper. Thanks to this, the cover can be easily opened and pulled over the laundry dryer. Of course, it is not only suitable as a cover for laundry dryers, but also for transport or as a protective cover for skis and parasols. If you buy the protective cover for line dryers from Leifheit, you will also receive a bag for storage. This allows it to simply fold them up after use and pack them cleanly.

  • Protective cover for all line dryers of Leifheit - except LinoProtect 400 - protects against sun, rain or snow
  • With practical zipper for easy opening and overdrawing
  • Protects besides laundry dryers also umbrellas or skis
  • With practical bag for storing the case

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