Leifheit Rotary Rotary Dryer Screw In Auto Centering Plastic Ground Socket 5cm


  • £2095

Leifheit Rotary Washing Line Round Screw In Auto Centering Socket 5cm

An integrated eccentric guarantees for the upright standing of the rotary dryer and enables an easy orientating. Thanks to its mowing edge the unproblematic mowing around the centring ground peg is possible. Installation of the ground is easier as it has the ability to adjust for vertical precision within a few degrees. The centring ground peg is suitable for all Leifheit rotary dryers, as well as for all rotary dryers with 50 mm tube diameter. Not suitable for Leifheit LinoProtect.
Screw-in ground peg made of plastic
Lies about 1cm above surrounding lawn
Put up centring ground peg without concreting
Extra protective cover cap
Not suitable for Leifheit LinoProtect
5-year guarantee

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