Leifheit Washing Line 30m

Leifheit Washing Line 30m


  • £799

Leifheit Washing Line 30m

The Leifheit clothesline is not only particularly stable and high-quality, but also offers space for up to three washing machine fillings. The clothesline is weather and UV resistant and made of tear-resistant material!

High-quality, stable and practical - if you order the clothesline with 30 m length of stiffness, you can hang it both indoors and outdoors. Because it is UV and weather resistant. Therefore, the clothesline can be safely attached in the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace - for example, with the help of a hook on the wall or on a tree. With its 30 m length, the clothesline offers enough space for about three washing machine fillings. It is made of a polyester core and is covered with plastic. This material composition makes the leash particularly tear-resistant and ensures that it is easy to clean.

* Stable and high-quality clothesline from Leifheit
* Offers enough space for three washing machine fillings with 30 m dry length
* Weather and UV resistant
* Leash made of particularly tear-resistant material

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