Leifheit Window Vacuum Clean And Dry


  • £4495

Leifheit Window Vacuum Clean And Dry

Effortlessly radiantly clean windows without streaks or dripping dirty water. The Leifheit window vacuum Dry & Clean ensures streak-free surfaces throughout the house for all window surfaces, without the need of tedious polishing.

Wash windows, tiles, mirrors, shower cubicles can be simply vacuumed with the window vacuum. The Dry & Clean shows its full performance in every situation. It even sucks the water completely off the glass even on horizontal surfaces and overhead. The stand-by automatic system ensures long-term use without interruption.

Only when it comes into contact with the window pane does the window vacuum switch from the power-saving mode to maximum suction power, thus offering an extended runtime of 35 minutes, sufficient to clean more than 100 m_ of window space. So the window cleaning is guaranteed in a washing up.
High water and dirt intake
With rubber lip for a streak-free removal
Battery life of 35 mins
Weight of 739 g
15 x 31.5 x 28 cm

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