Oven Mate Deep Clean Oven Kit


  • £1995

Oven Mate Complete Deep Clean Oven Kit

Packed with all our Oven Mate favourites, this oven cleaning kit is a one-stop shop for cleaning ovens from top to bottom with ease. ThereÕs enough inside to clean a conventional oven twice over and 50 nifty wipes to clean and freshen your microwave inside and out.

This kit contains.

500ml Oven Mate Oven Cleaning Gel plus applicator brush

500ml Just for Racks Cleaning Gel plus 2 rack bags

2 Grill Gremlin scourers

50 Microwave Steam Clean Wipes in a resealable pack

2 pairs of impermeable gloves and arm protectors

To protect your skin and clothes from any splashes.

EXTRA FREE INSIDE = 2 packs of 50 Microwave Wipes and 1 Grill Gremlin

1 x Grill Gremlin Sponge Scourer (FREE)

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