Severin WK3473 Glass Tea 1L Jug Kettle 2000W


  • £5595

Severin Glass Tea Jug Kettle
"Easy Tea Select" function with 5 preset tea programs: temperature and drawing time perfectly matched to the tea variety
Adjustable temperature levels: 40¡C - 100 ¡C in 5 ¡C increments: versatile for the preparation of tea, instant products, baby food and much more.m.
Temperature and drawing time individually adjustable: for unique and individual tea enjoyment
"Be-Silent" function: Beeps can be deactivated/activated if desired
Adjustable drawing time: 1 - 15 minutes with beep after completed drawing time
high-quality stainless steel base with illuminated control buttons and LED display
high-quality housing made of stainless steel and temperature-resistant glass
Automatic warming function for 30 minutes of temperature storage
highest temperature accuracy thanks to sensitive integrated temperature sensor

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