Soehnle Air Fresh Clean Connect 500 Air Purifier


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Soehnle Airfresh Clean Connect 500 Air Purifier

The air purifier Airfresh Clean Connect 500 with Bluetooth¨ from Soehnle is certified by the European Foundation for Allergy Research (ECARF) as an efficient device and equipped with a connection to the Soehnle Connect app. A central control of the room air purifier via smartphone is possible as well as the display of all relevant information about the current air quality. The air purifier has a 4-stage cleaning system consisting of prefilters (dust particles and hair), EPA filters (pollens and bacteria) and activated carbon filters (odors) as well as separately switchable ultraviolet UV-C light (germs). This filter system of the Airfresh Clean Connect 500 air purifier with Bluetooth¨ from Soehnle results in a cleaning of up to 99.5 percent - thanks to the air flow of 300 m3/h, it is ideally suited for living rooms of up to 78 m2*. The airspace cleaner impresses with its PM 2.5 sensor and the LED display in the soft blue. The room air of the apartment is regularly measured and easily readable by means of an LED ring in accordance with the current air quality interpreted in four different colors. An automatic mode and four different power levels are available. In automatic mode, the air purifier automatically adjusts the fan speed according to the measured room air quality. The also existing timer function of the Airfresh Clean Connect 500 air purifier with Bluetooth¨ from Soehnle enables a manually adjustable operating time. A filter change is not necessary until the filter change indicator signals this. * Calculated according to NRCC-54013. Suitable for larger rooms with a longer service life.
Full data control through compatibility with Soehnle Connect app via Bluetooth (system requirement for using the app: AndroidTM: ³6.0 / iOS¨: iOS ³10 / Bluetooth¨: 4.0)
Control of several devices simultaneously by the multi-device system
4-stage cleaning system for cleaning the air of bacteria, hair, germs, odors and particles with a maximum size of 0.3 _m thanks to the pre-, EPA and activated carbon filter as well as the UV-C light
Ultraviolet light (UV-C light) can be switched on separately to combat remaining germs
Control of air quality and fine dust pollution (PM 2.5) by the numerical and color display
Four different power levels for regulating air emissions allow maximum flexibility
Integrated night mode without light
Timer function for an individual setting of the runtime (two, four or eight hours)
Filter change indicator allows a constantly clean air
According to the European Foundation for Allergy Research (ECARF), the ideal device for allergy sufferers
Perfectly suitable for a room size of 78 m2

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