Soehnle Page Compact 300 Digital Kitchen Scale


  • £1730

Soehnle Page Compact 300 Kitchen Scale

The digital kitchen scale Page Compact 300 Marble from Soehnle makes cooking and baking the right child's play. This scale for the kitchen has no weight problems. It can weigh up to five kilograms and even in precise one-gram-precise knife bits! The model also impresses with the LCD display with a size of 12 mm. The sensor touch function makes the device very comfortable and even easy to clean because there is no contamination between the buttons. The digital scale for the kitchen from Soehnle has non-slip feet that ensure a secure stand. An automatic shutdown is also integrated into the back scale. As soon as it is no longer used, it switches off automatically. Thanks to the tare weighing function, several ingredients can be weighed at the same time. Flour, sugar and other foods in just one bowl! The digital kitchen scale Page Compact 300 Marble by Soehnle also convinces with its design. The marble natural look is very noble and stylish. Thanks to the existing suspension, the cooking scale also finds its place on the wall. Hanged away quickly and still at hand at all times. The batteries are included so that they can be started directly. Parental controls are also provided, because the battery compartment is tightly screwed.

One-gram-precise pitch with a load capacity of five kilograms
12 mm LCD display
Weighing function (Tara) available
Sensor touch - comfortable operation and easy cleaning
Flat and compact design
Automatic shutdown function
Non-slip feet
Easy suspension of the digital kitchen scale on the wall possible
Screwed battery compartment for more child safety
Batteries included
Switchable units between g and lb

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