Soehnle Page Profi 100 Digital Kitchen Scale


  • £3995

Soehnle Page Profi 100 Digital Kitchen Scale

Scale for the kitchen and timer in one? The digital kitchen scale Page Profi 100 from Soehnle makes it possible. Because if you buy them, you can not only weigh large amounts of ingredients with it, but also use them as a timer for cooking eggs or baking cakes. The model has a load capacity of 15 kg and measures flour, sugar and the like to the gram. That's why it is especially ideal for those who want to weigh large amounts of ingredients at once - for example when boiling. Large pots or bowls can easily be placed on the weighing surface. The weighing function makes it possible to weigh all ingredients in just one bowl. The weight can be easily read on the large, illuminated LCD display - even in difficult lighting conditions. The back scale can be operated via Sensor Touch. Simple touching of the control panel is sufficient. There are no buttons in which dirt could collect. This makes the cooking scale particularly easy to clean. The units can be freely chosen between g and lb. In order for the digital kitchen scale Page Profi 100 to stand securely on the work surface, it has non-slip feet. If it is no longer needed, it switches off automatically. This saves energy. With its flat design, the digital scale for the kitchen can be stored in a space-saving manner. It can also be hung on the wall. The batteries are already included and can be stored in the screwed battery compartment, which is child-proof. The color of the digital kitchen trolley Page Profi 100 is black.

With integrated kitchen timer
White luminous, large LED display on which the 22 mm digits can be read easily
Gram-accurate scale has a load capacity of 15 kg - ideal for weighing large quantities
With large weighing area for pots or large bowls
Weighing function allows the weighing of different ingredients in just one bowl
Sensor Touch allows convenient operation and easy cleaning
Energy-saving thanks to automatic shutdown function
Flat design for space-saving storage of the digital kitchen scale
With non-slip feet for a secure stand
Scale can be hung on the wall
Battery compartment is child-resistant because it is screwed
Units can be switched between lb and g
Color: Black

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